Friday, 18 November 2016

My block in "100 Blocks" magazine

I am thrilled to have my block in the latest issue of "100 Blocks". It's on page 8, the first block in the magazine. Ha, ha! I am number 1! How cool is that? Here's the picture of my block.

I'll be giving away a pattern of mine (viewer's choice) to one lucky person leaving a comment. You can see all my patterns on our website: and keep up to date with new patterns as they are released on my facebook page:

Yo-yos rule! I also like Dresden type blocks. This is my first time making skinnier spokes in a Dreseden and having space between. This block remindied me of the Bachelor Buttons that grew wild around our house when I was a kid. My favorite color is blue, but not just any blue. It has to be a bright blue. Love the brights.  I had fun playing with these fabrics (Topsy Turvy by Northcott).

I've also attached a picture of our two new rescue kittens. They match the block and are wild and crazy, just like the fabric!

Thanks for visiting, and especially for commenting. Quilting is the best addiction one can have.

Karen Bialik
The Fabric Addict
Remember: It's only an addiction if you admit it!